Valedictory Speeches

"You people are not prepared.You are well-educated and you look cute, but that's not going to cut it."
Bill Cosby
Univ. of Maryland
"In all things be willing to listen to people around you.  None of us is really smart enough to go it alone."
John Clendenin
chairman and CEO of Bellsouth Corp
Georgia State Univ. 1991
"Life is rough for everyone... Life isn't always fair. Whatever it is that hits the fan, its never evenly distributed - some always tend to get more of it than others."
Ann Landers,
Southwestern Adventist college, 1987
"In the real world, dreams do not come equpped with the magic wands of Cinderella stories."
Abelardo L Valdez
US Ambassador
Texas A & M Univ, 1994
Men are sluggish, and gravitate towards sensuality; they fall into habits and routine, and run in ruts; they carry the grain on one side of the horse, and a stone on the other, because their fathers did... There is nothing that men have been so reluctant to do as to think. They would go on pilgrimages, hang on hooks, accept dogmas, bow down to power, but they have been slow to put forth their powers in an earnest effort after comprehension and enlargement.
Mark Hopkins,
President of the college,
Williams College, 1863
"People always get what they want. But there is a price for everything. Failures are either those who do not know what they want or are not prepared to pay the price asked them. The price varies from individual to individual. Some get things at bargain-sale prices, others only at famine prices. But it is no use grumbling. Whatever price you are asked, you must pay."
W. H. Auden
Smith College, 1940
"My job is to bore you and let the hardness of your seat and the warmth of your robe prepare you for what is to come."
Dr William McNeill,
Univ. of Chicago historian
Bard College, 1984

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