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coverThe Flight of the Condor Wayanay - Inka. (listen to samples) The Quechua word "Wayanay" means "swallow". It is also the name of an ancient rural community in the heights of the Andes mountains. 

Wayanay Inka comes from peru, heart of the Inca culture in South America. Founded in 1984, Wayanay Inka international reputation as one of the finest and most exciting exponents of Andean music preceedes them. BAND MEMBERS: Jose Albornoz, Luis Tovar, Dante Montoya, Gerardo Tovar 

Echoes of Incas Ventana Al Sol 

(listen to samples)
1. Huayras Puncco  7. Ventana Al Sol
2. Bailando Con La Luna  8. Kenko
3. Tiahuanaco  9. Cristalino
4. Flor Ardiente 10. Aranjuez
5. Tormenta De Fuego  11. Orilla Del Mar
6. Vuelo Nocturno

El Condor Pasa Los Incas
Flutes Des Terres Incas Calchakis 
(listen to samples)
Andean Nights Echoes Of Incas
(listen to samples)
Cordilleras Echoes Of Incas
coverLand Of The IncasInkuyo
(listen to samples)
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Sacred Valley Echoes Of Incas 
(listen to samples)
Music Of The IncasMusic Of The Incas
(listen to samples)
Nazca Land of the Incas Medwyn Goodall
(listen to samples)
Traditional Music Of The Incas: Flute... Various Artists (listen to samples)
Ventana Al Sol Echoes Of Incas
(listen to samples)
On The Wings Of The Condor Calchakis
(listen to samples)
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May 26, 2001
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