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On the Machu Picchu Page!

On the Machu Picchu Page! (August 1, 1998)

Welcome to Anx's Empire Award Winners Page.
On the pho-tog-ra-phy Page, Boothbay!

Stacie's Design
SNIN Nominee Award

(I lost the link!)

W5WWW's Award of Excellence on the WA8PHD page

Ron's Award of Excellence on the  Criminal Justice Work

The Reynoldsburg Division of Police Award of Excellence
on the  Criminal Justice Work page 

The Cool Site Of The Week award from JP's Web! (12/28/98)

The Wonderful, Wacky World of The Stuffed Wombat Award (2/14/99)

Pam's Award (3/26/99)

This award was created to honour websites that were developed under very difficult circumstances and the webmasters who developed them. It is for extraordinary commitment and effort.

It's the People That Set the Standards

November 12, 1999
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