The Institute for Idiotic Pursuits

W. Market St .and Hawkins St.
F/Stop Camera Corporation
1667 W. Market St.
1700 W Exchange Street
Akron, Ohio   44313
Tel (330) 867-8710  Toll-Free: (877) 463-7867    Fax (330) 867-7098
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Film area - Kodak, Agfa, Fuij, Polaroid
Byron Albert demonstrates Nikon camera for a customer
35 mm and APS point and shoot style cameras
binoculars, slide trays, electronic flashes, lenses
Agfa MCS-2
finishing area
thought provoking quotes
Stoke and Diabetes
Aphasia, Stoke and Diabetes
Academic and Ph.D. Studies
Criminal Justice Work
 Inca Art
Machu Picchu
  Hiram Bingham
Personal and more
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The Institute for Idiotic Pursuits
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