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coverThe Photographer's Handbook by John Hedgecoe. A classic, bestselling photographer's manual is issued for the first time in paperback, revised and updated. More than 600 separate entries illustrated with 1,250 photographs, diagrams, and charts cover the entire range of subject matter, from choosing a camera to storing finished prints.  coverFamily Portrait Photography: Professional Techniques and Images by Helen T. Boursier, Jeff Smith  This is a guide to motivating potential clients to come in for family portrait sessions and for taking the best possible family pictures. Preparing clients for session is an important step in ensuring that the portraits turn out successfully. This book details ways to do this by arranging locations, helping select appropriate clothing, and getting to know the names of the clients and the ages of their children. It is illustrated with more than a hundred photographs showing various lighting, posing, prop, and location options. A section on client presentation details options such as contract sheets, paper previews, slide proofs, video, and digital projection. 
coverAmerican Photography : A Century of...A Century of Images by Vicki Goldberg, Robert Silberman. On V.J. Day in Times Square,a sailor kissing a pretty girl he's never met before is caught in the act. Newly arrived European immigrants at Ellis Island gaze at the camera with a mix of apprehension and hope. A groundbreaking still life artfully eroticizes the curves and shadows of a twisted bell pepper. These are a few of the more than 150 photographs collected in American Photography that document a century of our national experience. Whether viewed as a purely artistic medium, a tool for influencing public opinion, or a recorder of events both public and personal, photography has been a powerful and intimate vehicle for communicating our values and our dreams. coverReal World Digital Photographyby Deke McClelland, Katrin Eismann. Intended for working professionals, the guide supplies advice on buying the right digital camera, building a digital darkroom on a computer, image-editing techniques, the fundamentals of photography, and immersive imaging with Quicktime VR and other tools. The authors are a contributing editor for and a photographer/lecturer. The book features 32 pages of color illustrations.
coverLeica m Photography by Brian Bower  coverNew Glamour (Pro-Lighting Series)by Alex Larg, Jane Wood. Whether the subject is female, male, or both, glamour photography is only as good as the lighting set up that establishes its mood. The superb examples in this volume show the best lighting effects in the field, and feature detailed diagrams which show just how such glamorous results are achieved. 90 illustrations, 40 in color. 
coverThe Basic Book of Photographyby Tom Grimm (Photographer), Michele Grimm, Cindy King (Illustrator) This fourth edition of the best and most comprehensive book in the field is the ideal handbook for beginning photographers and a valuable reference for pros. Completely updated and enlarged, the book has a new chapter on digital cameras, plus extensive information on APS (Advanced Photo System) models. 240 photos.  coverThe New 35Mm Photographer's Handbook: Everything You Need to Get the Most Out of Your Camera, Including ... by John Garrett, Julian Calder A comprehensive and easy-to-understand resource, The ...Handbook walks you through the basics of photography, including selecting the right camera for your needs, using filters and fills, choosing the right lens for a specific shot, and approaching a wide range of specialty photography. 

And it doesn't just stop with the basics -- it brings you right up to date with the most advanced and cutting edge photographic technologies to help you move your craft to the next level. With thorough step- by -step explanations of the Advantix System, electronic cameras, E-6 film, dry darkroom techniques, and more, The ...Handbook is the rarest of guidebooks: a valuable tool for the beginner and a valued reference for the seasoned professional.

coverThe Film Developing Cookbookby Stephen G. Anchell, Bill Troop  * Many of the developing formulas and archival fixing solutions contained in The Film Developing Cookbook have never before been presented * Contains the most current material available on film developing * Filled with relevant, hard-to-find information * A companion volume to the best-selling The Darkroom Cookbook The Film Developing Cookbook is an up-to-date manual for modern film development techniques. While the original Darkroom Cookbook focused entirely on photographic chemicals and... coverThe Black and White Handbook : The Ultimate Guide to Monochrome Techniquesby Roger Hicks, Frances Schultz (Contributor) A reader from North America      June 28, 1999 Superbly written and organised. Assumes some knowledge of black and white (but not a lot). Gives detailed "how-to" for most everything you might want to do. For example: Toning of prints is covered in spots throughout, and there's also a chapter on the subject. In the chapter, use of brand name toners is described. They tell you how to tone the print in a step -by -step manner. Then, they also tell you how to make your own chemicals, provide safety notes, some words of wisdom from experience, and what's not important too. In all, this book will help advance a beginner and teach some new tricks to advanced photographers. 
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