I ran for Akron City Council in September 7, 1993!
I did not win!

Political Information

Ward 4 Voter
Paid for by Lou Albert for 4th Ward, 218 Dorchester Rd., Akron, Ohio 44313, 864-0650, Margaret Albert, Treasurer
An open letter to Ward 4 Voters

Dear Ward 4 Voter:

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Louis Albert and I'm a candidate for Fourth Ward Council in the September 7th Democratic Primary. I live with my wife and two sons on Dorchester Road. We are members of Beth El Congregation. My oldest son, Morton, is a Sophomore at Akron University and Byron is entering the seventh grade at Simon Perkins Middle School. I have enclosed an informational resume for your information and convenience.

We  n e e d ...
a stable family and...
a properly educated
work force!

We face many difficult issues today. These times present a unique problem to us all. For the first time in the history of the United States of America, our children may not have a higher standard of living than we, their parents. Crime, drugs, and unemployment are dragging our quality-of-life downward.

These issues am all connected! Many of our children are graduating from public schools without basic or employable skills.' As an educator I have students in my classes who cannot read and write. Students today are unprepared to enter the current job market.

Akron, as well as most of the nation, has undergone a transformation away from the time when young people could find a high paying job in the rubber or auto plants. These times are gone forever. Yet what type of economic development does the City look for - retail discount stores, restaurants, and fast food places! This type of economic development does not create the type
of job that allows a person to raise a family!

Terri Johnson, Lou Albert, George McCorvey, Brenda
Stygar with daughter Francesca, and Ed Johnson Sr.
discuss solutions to problems in the 4th Ward.

We need to create an environment that promotes a stable family and includes a properly educated work force. We must seek the type of economic development that provides jobs where the youth of our community can find employment and have sufficient income to raise a family.

Experience in 


While we do this, we must protect the neighborhoods. Akron is fortunate among large cities in the high number of owner occupied houses. The single family homes and residential make-up of our neighborhoods must be maintained. Any change in zoning (See Letter on page 3)


Ask for a Democratic Ballot
Vote for Louis Albert for Ward 4 Council
September 7, 1993
Louis H. Albert
218 Dorchester Road
Akron, Ohio 44313-7807
As a twenty-three - year resident of the Fourth Ward area, businessman, educator, and father, I believe that my unique combination of experiences qualifies me to be your council person.

Twenty-four years ago I founded what today is F/Stop Camera Corporation. In 1973 1 joined the Summit County Sheriff's Department as a reserve officer. In 19811 left the day today operation of the business to my wife while I pursued my academic interests. I enrolled at the University of Akron and completed a Master of Arts in Urban Studies. After completing my Master's degree I went to

 work for the Sheriff as the "Jail Statistician." In this capacity I 'was involved in the inmate management of the facility, the planing of the new jail and general operations.

In 1984 1 enrolled in the Graduate School of Public and Intentional Affairs at the University of Pittsburgh. I am currently A.B.D. (All But Dissertation) in the Public Policy Research Analysis Ph.D. degree program. Since then I have taught at Niagara University, Akron University and currently I am an Instructor at Kent State University. All during this time, I served as a consultant to

projects in Florida, North Carolina, New York, and Ohio.

During the last 11/2 years I have been a certified "Human Diversity Instructor" for the State of Ohio. This has involved me in teaching police officers how to react when confronted with people whose racial, cultural, ethnic, religious, or sexual preferences differ from that of the officer.

'Ihis combination of academic, field, research, teaching and business experience makes me exceptionally qualified to represent the fourth ward in Akron!


I have served as a consultant to:
Printed in the Ward by George's Printing, 392 Storer Ave, Akron, Ohio 44320, 836-2166


September 7, 1993
Vote for Louis Albert for Ward 4 Council
Ask for a Democratic Ballot

I am an active member of the following professional associations:

During my teaching career some of the classes I taught are:

Letter (continued from page 1) or conditional use must to be opposed, unless there is complete agreement with the provide the residents of the Ward with proper constituent residents of the area involved. services. All my literature has my personal home phone. Not only must improvements be made, we must also provide recreational activities in the neighborhoods, for our young people. We need to create programs that will provide activities for our youth. Athletes who take their sport seriously don't abuse their bodies with drugs. 

As shown in my resume, I have experience in both law enforcement and corrections. In Summit County it costs $110 a day to put someone in jail. The State figures their costs at over $30,000 per inmate per year. It makes
more sense, both from an economic and human point to spend these Moines to educate and prepare our young people to become part of our community than to offer no alternatives to a life that can lead to drugs and related crime.

An important part of a Council person's duties is to provide the residents of the Ward with proper constitutes service. All my literature have my personal home

phone number. I will answer all phone calls and try to comply with requests. 
We need to educate &
prepare our young
to become part of
our community
All residents of the Ward who call with either requests or complaints will be listened to. I will respond with either the solution to the problem or an explanation why the request cannot be compiled with.

I look forward to having the opportunity to meet you and to talk about my ideas and plans for the Ward. Thank you for taking time to consider my candidacy.
                                               Yours truly

                                                Louis H. Albert

Vote on September 7th!
To vote for me, Please ask for a Democratic Ballot.
Thank you for your support and vote!

Vote for
Louis Albert
Ward 4 Council


  • 23 Year area resident
  • Former Law Enforcement Officer
  • College Instructor
  • Businessman
  • Government Consultant
  • Homeowner
  • Husband & Father
  • Concerned Citizen
Byron, Margaret, Morton and Louis Albert

Byron, Margaret, Morton and Louis Albert

Louis H. Albert  - Auguest. 1993
Akron Beacon Journal Picture

Paid for by Lou Albert for 4th Ward, 218 Dorchester Rd., Akron, Ohio 44313, 864-0650, Margaret Albert, Treasurer

June 4, 2001
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