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Beyond Stonehenge by Gerald S. Hawkins   The last printing (1989) has sold out.  This 2001 edition has a special, up-dated, glossy book cover. First published in 1973, "Beyond Stonehenge" has sold over 100,000 copies world-wide.
Great Stone Circles : Fables, Fictions, Facts by Aubrey Burl. For those who are enthralled by Stonehenge and the many other awe-inspiring prehistoric stone circles of Britain, archaeologist Aubrey Burl now offers fascinating insights into their many mysteries. In this book he selects a dozen of the most evocative rings and proposes sometimes surprising answers to questions about the ircles-their purpose, construction, age, design, art, legends, and relation to astronomy. 
Stonehenge Revealed  by David Souden. The latest archaeological methods provide fascinating insights into the perplexing history of Stonehenge. Over 200 striking full-color photographs reveal the collection of stones from various perspectives, allowing readers to sense the mysterious aura that surrounds this place. Maps and charts. 
StonehengeStonehenge by Bernard Cornwell. (£)   Stonehenge, the mysterious structure that has haunted locals and tourists alike for generations, is given a credible, even fascinating, treatment in the prolific Cornwell's latest novel. He reaches back into English history, back into prehistory, to follow the exploits and fortunes of Hengall, the chief of the people of Ratharryn, and his three sons, Lengar, Camaban, and Saban. Lengar is poised to succeed his father as chief, but his greed interferes with his intentions....  Brad Hooper  Stonehenge CompleteStonehenge Complete by Christopher Chippindale. (£)  Nancy Anne Fox (see more about me) from Diamond Bar, CA This is a terrific book about Stonehenge! Mr. Chippindale has created a wonderfully informative and readable book about one of the most famous archaeological monuments in the world. 

This book takes the famous quote from Jacquetta Hawkes "Every age has the Stonehenge it deserves and - desires", and illustrates it by giving an overview of all the various paradigms that have been used to explain Stonehenge. Instead of giving the reader dreadfully boring and mind numbing details about Stonehenge and the research into it, he gives us a brief description of what is physically there at Stonehenge, then he outlines what each successive era has thought of Stonehenge since its "rediscovery" in the 12th century A.D.

A Guide to the Stone Circles of Britain , Ireland, and Brittany
The Modern Antiquarian : A A Pre Millennial Odyssey Through Megalithic Britain
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