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coverDiabetes A to Z : What You Need to Know About Diabetes : Simply Put. Whether you're newly diagnosed or you've had diabetes for several years, Diabetes A to Z explains everything you need to know about the disease in clear, simple terms. You'll learn all about alcohol, blood sugar, complications, diet, exercise, heart disease, insulin, kidney disease, meal planning, pregnancy, sex, vitamins and minerals, weight loss, and much more. Each of the 48 topics are arranged alphabetically for quick reference and designed to help you make living with diabetes easier. coverControlling Diabetes the Easy Way  Simple suggestions to help you live with the condition while still maintaining your life style. Features what is perhaps the safest, most effective diet ever devised for controlling your bloodsugar  (This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.)
Living and Eating Well With Type 2 Diabetes  The Other Diabetes : Living and Eating... A nutritionist-editor talks in simple, nonmedical language about the increase in Type 2 diabetes (adult-onset) and more important, how to control it. In fact, Hiser combines three books in one: an account of +medical research, a handbook of remedies, and more than 70 recipes. 101 Nutrition Tips for People With Diabetes101 Nutrition Tips for People With Diabetes (Amer Diabetes Assn) by Patti B. Geil MS RD FADA CDE, Lea Ann Holzmeister RD CDE, Patti B. Geil. For those with diabetes, proper nutrition and meal planning are key components to controlling their diabetes and staying healthy. This guide offers the inside track on the latest tips, techniques, and strategies on nutrition, weight loss, meal planning and medication, and more. 

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August 24, 2001
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