Squirrels drive me crazy!

Eastern Grey Squirrels
Eastern gray squirrels are found throughout the eastern United States; their natural range extends from Florida, north to Canada, and west to where the deciduous forests meet the great plains grasslands. There are 5 subspecies of eastern grey squirrels, S. carolinensis carolinensis is the subspecies found in most of the south from northern Florida, to North Carolina, west to Missouri, and eastern Texas...  Peg Halloran Ph.D.

How to Kill Squirrels (this is probably illegal, you should not do it). Ok this is how to kill squirrels with 80000 volts!!
 it is probably illegal so you should not do it, but this is for information purposes only.

Eastern grey squirrelshave been known to accept handouts at parks and colleges where they've grown accustomed to people. Squirrels will also accept food in the suburbs, bravely interacting with humans once trust has been established.

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SquirrelOutwitting Squirrels : 101 Cunning Stratagems to Reduce Dramatically the Egregious Misappropriation of Seed from Your Birdfeeder by Squirrels.From spooker poles and Perrier bottles to water bombs and cayenne pepper, Bill Adler, Jr., has tried every conceivable method to rid his backyard of these fluffy gluttonous rodents. Revised and even craftier than the first edition, which sold over 100,000 copies, this new revision contains humorous advice on keeping squirrels out of the flowerbeds and bird feeders.

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Squirrels at My Window :Squirrels at My Window : Life With a Remarkable Gang of Urban Squirrels .by Grace Marmor Spruch, Nurit Karlin.Gregg Bassett, President of The Squirrel Lover's Club. Originally published in hardcover under the title, "Such Agreeable Friends: Life with a Remarkable Group of Urban Squirrels," this delightful book, now back in print as a paperback under its new title, is the wonderfully fascinating true story of the relationship that the author and her husband have formed with the urban gray squirrels that visit their New York City apartment; squirrels that have come in through the window and visited with them in their kitchen, bedroom and even sometimes their living room. This book is fascinating reading for squirrel lovers and non-squirrel lovers alike. For those people who see squirrels as just a bunch of furry pests that are all alike, Grace's descriptions of the individual personalities and habits of such bushy tailed friends as Notchko, Runty, Genius, Sweetie and Blackbuster will help them see squirrels in a whole new light. Grace Spruch is a physics professor at Rutgers University and an author. This combination, coupled with her real-life experiences with squirrels and genuine love for animals, makes for a truly enjoyable and enlightening book. 

May 23, 2001
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