I started using computers in 1976.
The first cost $7,500 and didn't do any thing!

This a picture of the my computer and office. This was the fist micro-computer in the sheriff's  office and maybe in the county. This was a Zenith 8088 with .320 meg of memory. a 10 meg, full size. It was about $4,500. There was a Daisy wheel and matrix printers. (circa early 1983)


coverViewSonic GS790 19" Short Neck Monitor- After mystroke a had a 17" Monitor. Last summer a got a 19" Monitor, Now I can't wait to get a 21" inch monitor. Remember it is important to see!
Hewlett Packard 51645A Black Ink Jet CartridgeHewlett Packard 51645A Black Ink Jet..Cartridge.

Hewlett Packard C6578DN Tri-Color InkJet Print Cartridge (No. 78)Hewlett Packard C6578DN Tri-Color InkJet Print Cartridge (No. 78)

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My computer has this system

coverCreative Labs CSW100 PC Works Compact Speaker System
1, 2 satellite, 1 subwoofer set 2. Bass level control 9-foot wires 3. Separate volume control unit and, 3. Magnetically shielded speakers 

Adobe GoLive 5 Classroom in a Book

March 17, 2001
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