Police Officer Stress & Agency Organizational Structure.
In order to keep law enforcement organizations operating at optimal levels, administrators must be able to
identify the causes of dysfunctional stress on individual officers and take effective action to ameliorate its effects.

Organizational Communications
To provide information that can lead to beneficial improvement of intra-organizational
communications and information flow, a reduction of individual stressors and an examination of the
general organizational structure. The Probation Office recognizes the need to provide the individual
     Probation Officers with as professional and transparent an organization as possible.

Partitioning Political Actor Networks:
Some Quantitative Tools for Analyzing Qualitative Networks
This paper outlines ways in which qualitative and quantitative tools can
be used in a complementary fashion to delineate the structure of social networks.

Barberton, Ohio  44201.

Louis Albert - the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, March 10 - 14, 1992.
"Projections for Public Safety Justice Facilities: Barberton, Ohio." Paper presented at the 1992
    national meeting of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, March 10 - 14, 1992.

November 1993 I wrote a Federal grant application "Police Hiring Supplemental Program" for Barberton Police (we didn't get it, Later almost all police departments who wanted a federal grant received it,)
Aug. 1989 - May 1992 Project Director Justice Center.  I thought the City should not be in the Jail business. Unfortunately, county jail beds are very precious resource. But, Barberton needed, and still needs a new police Building, not a jail, that's why I wrote this the way I did.

Copley Township, Ohio  44321.

"Non-traditional Hiring of Police Officers in a Small Department." Paper presented at the 1994 national meeting of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, March 8 - 12, 1994.


September 7, 1998
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