Science Fiction & Fantasy

Hello, I read!
Usually I read a book a day or so!
I had a gift certificate and went Borders.
I started Si-Fi a long time ago.
I plan to comment about the books!
As the internet page grows so will the lists.
    Margaret Albert
Cat Crimesby Martin Greenberg (Editor), Ed Gorman (Editor), Edward Gorman (Editor) Guardsmen of Tomorrowby Martin H. Greenberg (Editor), Larry Segriff (Editor) Isaac Asimov's Utopiasby Gardner R. Dozois (Editor), Sheila Williams (Editor), Isaac Asimov
Redemolishedby Alfred Bester Svahaby Charles De Lint Timelineby Michael Crichton
Warrior Fantasticby Martin H. Greenberg (Editor), John Helfers (Editor) Design for Great Dayby Alan Dean Foster, Eric Frank Russell Into the Out ofby Alan Dean Foster
Odder Than Everby Bruce Coville The Martiansby Kim Stanley Robinson Owlknightby Mercedes Lackey, Larry Dixon
Graven Imagesby Nancy Kilpatrick (Editor), Thomas S. Roche (Editor) Far Frontiers  by Martin H. Greenberg (Editor), Larry Segriff (Editor) Conair HLM10 Hot Lather Machine ...

new list

Single White Vampire Seeks Same by Martin H. Greenberg (Editor), Brittany A. Koren (Editor), Brittiany A.
                      Koren (Editor)
Dragons : The Greatest Stories  by Martin H. Greenberg(Editor) 
License Invoked  by Jody Lynn Nye, Robert L. Asprin Genometry  by Jack Dann(Editor), Gardner Dozois(Editor)
Dreaming Down-Under  by Jack Dann (Editor), Janeen Webb (Editor)

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April 28, 2003
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